Experience optimization at zulily

godinbanditsExperimentation is the name of the game for most top tech companies, and it’s no different here at zulily. Because new zulily events launch every day, traditional experiments can be cumbersome for some applications. We need to be able to move quickly, so we’ve built a contextual multi-armed bandit system that learns in real time to help us deliver the best experience to each zulily member.

As zulily has grown over the past four and a half years, the number of new events and products launching each day has increased at a tremendous pace. This is great for our members, but it brings with it the challenge of ensuring that each member’s experience is as personalized as possible. My team, the Data Science team, and Relevancy, with whom we work closely, are tasked with seamlessly optimizing and customizing that experience. In order to do so, we run experiments — a lot of them. Even the most minor changes to the site usually have to prove their mettle by beating a control group in a well-designed, sufficiently-powered experiment.

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